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Important FAQS

Option strategies training is a one to one (F2F) training provided by Finroot Team Professionals in which we will train you to create option strategies and earn with limited risk in every scenario. In option strategies, the influence of fall or rise in the market is very limited on the strategies that are executed.

Trainings are provided in different cities as per the scheduled released from time to time. As against larger batches that most professionals take, we provide trainings only to 1-5 members at a time in order to ensure that maximum knowledge is imparted and all doubts are cleared personally.

The training will be 100% practical. The purpose of our training is not preparing you for any exam or any job. The objective is to train you for earning lifetime income by yourself.

No, you do not have to execute strategies on a daily basis. With our training, you will be able to create strategies that will remain open for 3-10 days. During this period or at the end of it, you can book profits.

Finroot trainings are provided all across India. The members who choose for trainings will have to get registered through the website. We release schedule 10-20 days in advance before visiting a particular city.

Yes. Our program is designed in a way that it suits both amateur as well as pros. We start from the basics. Therefore, in case you don’t know anything about option strategies, the training will cover it all for you from the start.

The risk involved is very minimal. Most strategies are designed in such a way that there is no stop-loss in them and hedging is undertaken to protect your capital in every strategy.

Yes, if you have any query, constant support will be provided to you for 3 months even after the training.

It varies with each strategy. A strategy can be made from a capital of 10k to 3 lakhs.

Strategies will be open for 3-10 days which implies that you have to trade only a few times in a month. In fact, Option Strategies are best suited for working professionals who have limited available hours to spare. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly analyse the market every day.

If you wish to take the same training again, the fees will be 50% of the original fees.

In case you are unable to attend the training after registering for the same, your fees can be adjusted in any of the future batches as suitable to you. 

The training fee can only be adjusted and it's non-refundable under any circumstances.  

You can pay the training fees via Credit Cards (One time and EMI), Debit Cards and Net Banking.

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For any Query or Consultation, mail us at support@finroot.in